Asia is on the move. Asia is a paradox of traditional values and new age lifestyles. Asia is where the lines between virtual and reality blur – a goldmine of possibilities and pitfalls. THE THINKING MACHINE is deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of emerging Asia, thereby allowing us to develop futuristic and innovative marketing solutions that redefine how brands connect, engage and overcome core business challenges.

THE THINKING MACHINE is the first integrated ideas’ company in Indonesia, an Innovation Think Tank sitting at the interjection of Marketing Consultancy, Communication & Advertising, Branded Content and Entertainment, Design, Digital and Mobile, and Shopper Marketing. Think of us as a tinker shop with multi-disciplinary savvy and business smarts. THE THINKING MACHINE team includes leaders in brand strategy, design thinking and change management. Our global specialist collaborators are in a unique position to offer differentiated resources and results not seen in the Indonesian market before. THE THINKING MACHINE is a truly end-to-end solutions company in Asia.